22 Feb

IP telephone systems are basically virtual phone lines for your company to use. These phone lines are provided by an IP Telephony Service Provider. An IP Provider provides long and local phone services, which use VoIP technology to cut your calling costs. VoIP has not been very popular in the Delmarva area because it uses large volumes of reliable low bandwidth lines for its telephone system. But with the increasing demand for broadband Internet, there is a demand for IP telephone services.

Most IP telephone systems use the VoIP protocol to provide voice communication over the internet. There are three major benefits to this type of voice communication. First, you can use voice over the internet to make a conference call to multiple people or a single person. Second, if a business user wants to send a fax using his computer from his office then he does not need to go out and buy a fax machine to do that, instead, he can just use his IP phone and send the faxes from his IP telephone systems. Lastly, VoIP allows a business owner to incorporate voice mail into his business phone system. This firm supply GSM Gateway to most parts of Kenya, check out the list here.

The biggest problem with an IP telephone system is the lack of portability. An IP telephone system will usually have a closed network connection. Users will be able to reach their computers only from within the secured network connection. SIP Trunking solves this problem since the system can be placed inside the network and users will be able to connect from anywhere by simply typing in their IP addresses.

An IP telephony system using SIP Trunking will allow a user to incorporate voice mail into his business phone system. With SIP Trunking the voice calls come directly from the hosted PBX with call forwarding and audio streaming features. Calls can be automatically placed into the employees' personal cell phones or business phones. This feature provides the employee with an added voice message reminding him about a particular meeting.

Another major problem with the older IP telephone systems was the inability of users to test their voice mail messages on the go. In order to be able to do so, a user had to go to the IT department of the phone company every time he wanted to check his voice mail. This inconvenience has been eliminated. SIP trunks provide a way to make and receive voice messages on the go. This makes it easy for business people to check their voice mails anytime and anywhere. Find out the office telephone price in kenya on this page.

Business phone users have the option to purchase IP telephone systems that include video calling features. Video calling allows a user to video chat with contact via his IP telephone system. Video chatting is similar to video calling except that it also allows the IP used to see the person with whom he is speaking. This helps the user better understand the person, which in turn makes it easier to develop good relationships. If you probably want to get more enlightened on this topic, then click on this related post:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_VoIP.

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